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  • About Us

    The Association of Chinese Undergraduates in Liberal Arts Colleges (ACULAC) is a non-profit, student-run organization.

    Our volunteers include current students from more than 40 leading liberal arts colleges in the United States and beyond.


    Our Mission
    To provide reliable information for prospective students and their parents regarding liberal arts colleges.

    To build a credible platform for current students to strengthen their social network and seek career advice.


    Our Milestones

    In 2014, ACULAC was founded 3 liberal arts college students.

    Since 2015, we have hosted 2 Cocktail Social Nights and 3 Annual College Fairs in 4 major cities in China.

    By 2016, we have attracted 10,000 subscribers on WeChat and student volunteers from over 40 colleges.

    By 2017, we have published 300 articles written independently by current liberal arts college students.


    In 2017, ACULAC was officially incorporated in Arizona, USA as a non-profit and approved for tax-exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

  • College Fairs

    We host college fairs annually in major cities in China since 2015.


    Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, and Chengdu

    Over 1500 students and parents attended our five college fairs in four major cities in China. As our influence and reputation had grown significantly, our third series of annual fairs attracted overwhelming public attention. Many were unable to participate due to limitations of the venues. Student organization Chengdu Daily invited us to Chengdu, making our first visit to the city possible.


    Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen

    With experience gained from last year's debut, we hosted our second series of college fairs in three of the four most populated cities in China. Current undergraduate students set up booths for their respective liberal arts colleges so that participants could inquire specifically after mass sharing sessions.

  • All about LAC

    We have garnered over 15,000 followers on WeChat, our primary online platform in Chinese. Through our student representatives from 42 liberal arts colleges, we provide our readers with information on college application process, college life in LACs, and other heated topics of students' interest. Moreover, this online platform allows information sharing and networking among prospective, current, and graduated students.

  • Contact Us

    Please leave us a message if you have any question or suggestion.